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About Vivienne Reynolds

I am really excited to be given the opportunity to say hello , and tell you about myself and how you come to be reading this. I am a mum of two children now in their twenties. I am trying to get enthusiastic about being over 50 and as I say with tongue in cheek it is a working progress. I come from a back ground of working with rural groups. I headed up the running of Kilrea Art Club for children on a voluntary basis. People have always interested me I love the way we naturally help each other.

In many ways those fifty years have taught me many valuable lessons. Some of these lessons were hard, some were life changing, and others brought me lots of happiness. I come from a small country town in the north of Ireland. I love the sense of community which seems to be often misplaced in today’s times when unemployment, homelessness , addictions, are on the increase. When i was in my early thirties my dad died with a heart attack aged 55. I was devastated and felt nobody else felt my pain. My father was a man of few words at the best of times. Gone was my chance to have a heartfelt goodbye, to have those reassuring conversations of love between a father and daughter. As the years past I came to deal with my grief, but always in the back of my mind the following thoughts were consistent. Was my dad ok? Was he in any pain? Was he lonely? By himself? Had he met up with his family and friends

My faith in God never wavered as I know he walks with me every day even when I don’t make the best decisions. I was introduced to a new friend. She came from the big smoke(near Belfast). She talked to me of the afterlife and as we spent more time together she suggested we go and see a psychic medium. Well, you can imagine I was nervous, totally unsure what to expect.

When I sat down with the medium she began to describe a gentleman who fitted the description of my paternal grandfather, who had passed four years before. I had a lovely relationship with my granddad. The medium described how he looked, his disabilities, the type of work he had done, the area he lived in. She was able to describe his personality and pass on a message of love and support for me. She also talked about my own gift of mediumship which was yet to be developed.

Such a lot to think about, my life would never be the same. I started to explore my own mediumship. I joined an awareness class with a very special teacher who gave me the confidence to find my own way in my journey with spirit. I trained as a Reiki /Seichem Healer, which I now teach. What a wonderful thing to facilitate healing. I traveled to Arthur Findlay College Stansted LONDON A renowned college for psychic and spiritual development, where over the past few years I have studied with some of the worlds best mediums

For many of you, mediumship is a subject that has yet to be explored. Please take that first step on your Spiritual journey. Book a private one to one sitting or attend a demonstration of mediumship. Sometimes in a demonstration of mediumship, the message for another individual can be a message for everyone in the room. For those of you who are on your path of spiritual unfoldment, just remember every moment in life is an experiment, always expect the unexpected.

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At present, I offer the following:

House parties
maximum of six (host goes free)

Private Sittings
– (one to one)

Demonstrations of mediumship


Reiki healing sessions

Reiki attunements

Telephone Readings

“A very gifted and kind lady with a nice energy 🙂 I was very happy with the reading and I can definitely recommend Vivienne as a psychic medium!
Thank you, Vivienne”

Eva Burgerova

“A very gifted lady I got so much out of my reading anyone thinking of seeing a medium I would definitely recommend Vivienne. Thank you so much it was really lovely meeting you and will look forward to seeing you again x”

Denise Clucas

“Vivienne definitely has the gift I've been to two of her public readings and she was amazing also the reading and the reki healing she give me was just great.”

Mary Gibson

“Having worked with Vivienne I know how brilliant she is. In a one to one situation where she brought through contacts safely, succinctly and I could feel their essence, and I've also heard her deliver a memorable and uplifting address which touched all those present. A very high caliber ambassador for the spiritualist movement and a lovely lady too!”

Bella Sandcraft

“A very gifted woman. Always on point and take the advice or take on board comments given.”

Leonie Robinson

“Vivienne really helped me and comforted me after my aunt died and I will be forever thankful to her such a lovely lady xx”

Carol Turkington

“Had a reading done by Vivienne she was great. Thank you! Would definitely recommend!”

Judith Foster

Contact Vivienne Reynolds

If you are interested in discussing any of the services that I offer, I would be more than happy to talk with you. You can find my telephone numbers and email address below or alternatively you can fill out the online form and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

T: 07835 776051 / 028 295 40998